One of the reasons we loved Pam from The Office so much is that she was so darn relatable. So it’s fitting that actress Jenna Fischer lived through a moment we’ve always feared…and handled it like a pro. After suffering a wardrobe malfunction moments before making her grand entrance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, April 2nd, Fischer hit the stage wearing a towel as a shirt. Good thing it went with the rest of her outfit.

“I waited a little too long to get dressed and then my zipper broke and I panicked,” she said to Kimmel.

Her original choice was a pretty burgundy dress, which ended up making it on stage regardless. The chair next to her had the opportunity to “wear” it during her interview. And we have to say, Fischer just seemed more herself in the towel.

With time, who knows? Maybe Fischer can make towel shirts a trend.

But seriously, we can’t even imagine how it must have felt to walk out there wearing a bath accessory. Surviving that moment proves she’s capable of absolutely anything.

Plus, Fischer’s in good company. Just a few weeks ago, Olympic skater Adam Rippon also had a wardrobe malfunction before meeting with Reese Witherspoon, and he used his own Olympic medal to cover up a hole in his shirt.

Needless to say, we’re currently bowing down to Fischer and her total chill in a nightmarish situation. #SHERO.