We may not be getting an Office revival any time soon, but Busy Tonight just gave us the next best thing: The most adorable surprise reunion. While Steve Carell may have been absent from the cast reunion in December, on February 26th he surprised—and majorly startled—Jenna Fischer by popping out of a giant box. For real. In honor of their shared love of opening packages and Fischer’s upcoming birthday, Busy Philipps and the Splitting Up Together star channeled their inner YouTuber with an “unboxing” of their own, featuring packages sent in by Fischer’s former Office co-stars.

But little did Fischer know, one of her former co-stars was hiding IN one of the boxes.

After opening packages sent by Ellie Kemper, Angela Kinsey, and Ed Helms—all containing nostalgic reminders from their time on the long-running series—Fischer opened a final, massive box marked “fragile”…and out popped Carell, wishing his former costar a happy early birthday. And it’s clear Fischer had no idea what was coming.

We love how much love the former co-stars have for one another. After filming her appearance on Busy Tonight, Fischer teased the prank on her Instagram Stories, noting that while she had planned to surprise Philipps with sourdough starter and a bread book, the host had a much bigger surprise in store.