Sophy Ziss
Updated Feb 05, 2018 @ 4:22 pm

We were psyched to catch another glimpse of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom during the 2018 Super Bowl, but we were not prepared for Jeff Goldblum. No, he wasn’t in the actual movie trailer (sigh), but Jeff Goldblum starred in a Jurassic Parkthrowbackcommercial for Jeep that looked back to his Dr. Ian Malcolm days, and it was GLORIOUS.

It’s like, even though we know what happened to a lot of people (and cars) in the original Jurassic Park, we can’t help thinking Goldblum’s wheels look pretty good. Or maybe that’s just the actor driving it? Shout-out to Goldblum for being able to poke fun at his iconic role, and even himself just a little bit. And is it just us, or is he rocking those tinted sunglasses in 2018? Even the T-Rex would agree, and that thing is straight-up terrifying, even now.

In the Jeep ad, Goldblum is seen reliving a key scene from Jurassic Park.

There’s no way it’s a coincidence that this aired not long after the first look at Jurassic World 2, right? Imagine trying to sell cars to regular people, and Jeff Goldblum — who’ll reprise his role as Malcolm in the Jurassic World sequel — is just sitting in one of them on the show floor, reliving his Jurassic Park days. How is a person supposed to react in this situation? The saleswoman in the ad handles it pretty well.

It’s always so fun to see actors reenact your favorite moments of theirs on screen. This ad for Jeep proves that Jurassic Park holds up, as does Goldblum’s Malcolm — and no surprise there. Now, if there’s any way they could edit this footage into the upcoming Jurassic World 2…we’d likely have a Best Picture winner on our hands.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom lands in theaters on June 22nd — mark your calendars accordingly!