Briana Hansen
February 22, 2017 11:29 am

He may have 99 problems, but being excluded from the Songwriters Hall of Fame ain’t one.  This morning, the news broke that Jay Z will be officially inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Jay Z was the first rapper to ever even be nominated for the prestigious recognition. The Songwriters Hall of Fame celebrates the people behind popular music. Many artists, like Jay Z, write their own music. But others often collaborate with these talented songwriters to create their hits.

And, until this nomination, no rapper had ever been recognized for their songwriting.

The announcement came from fellow producer and musician Nile Rodgers. And Rodgers excitedly praised Jay Z’s induction, calling him a “revolutionary.” Because of the incredible number of awards and nominations he’s received throughout his illustrious career, it’s hard to disagree.

Rodgers recognized Jay Z’s  massive impact on the music industry.

He made the point that the multiple award-winner basically turned rap music into mainstream pop. Since Reasonable Doubt came out in 1996, he’s completely changed the music industry. Plus, with all the behind-the-scenes work he still does with his label, Roc Nation, he continues to create a lasting musical legacy.

Along with being an excellent songwriter, the talented Jay Z wears many hats. He’s a businessman, a producer,  and – of course – husband to the one and only Queen Bey. So it only seems appropriate that a man with such a record-shattering spouse continues to shatter records of his own.

The Awards Ceremony will take place June 15th in (Jay Z’s hometown) New York City.

We are so happy for the groundbreaking entertainer. He definitely deserves this honor. And we hope that many more incredible artists like him are recognized like this in the future.