Georgia state Rep. Jason Spencer has resigned from public office after yelling the n-word and dropping his pants on the July 23rd, 2018 episode of Sacha Baron Cohen’s new show Who Is America? For the uninitiated, Cohen’s satirical series shows the comedian in a series of disguises as he puts politicians and other public figures into compromising situations. In the premiere episode of Who Is America?, Cohen got several GOP lawmakers to endorse arming kindergartners with guns. In the latest episode, Cohen appears in disguise as fictional character Erran Morad, an anti-terrorist expert, who trains Spencer in various “anti-terrorism” tactics.

Cohen instructs Spencer to avoid capture by ISIS by screaming the racial slur as a distraction, which Spencer actually does in the episode. Cohen also convinces Spencer that terrorists are threatened by homosexuality, which leads Spencer to repeatedly run toward Cohen with his buttocks exposed. Spencer also affects a racist Chinese accent and puts a selfie stick up a woman’s dress to determine if she is a terrorist or just a “woman in a burqa.”

After the episode aired, Spencer told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that “Sacha Baron Cohen and his associates took advantage of my paralyzing fear that my family would be attacked.” He also stated that he thought the techniques performed in the episode would ward off “what I believed was an inevitable attack.”

Spencer tried to deflect from his very real behavior on the show by calling Cohen’s company “deceptive and fraudulent.”

There are still five episodes left of Who Is America? Who knows, maybe Cohen can get more republican Congress members to resign by the end of the season.