Disney’s live-action Aladdin is almost upon us. The remake of the 1992 classic hits theaters on May 24th—much to the delight of Disney-loving Millennials everywhere. So far, we’ve seen Will Smith’s genie in all of his blue glory, and we’ve glimpsed the stunning reimagining of Aladdin’s magic carpet. Now, there’s a new Aladdin trailer out, and it’s all about the TJF (That Jasmine Factor).

Any ’90s kid will remember Jasmine’s iconic blue outfit—she wears it for most of the original animated movie. However, based on what we’ve seen, live-action Jasmine has a much more varied wardrobe. In the latest trailer, we see her wear not one but four different looks—each stunning in its own way. The clip opens with a shot of her wearing a hot pink dress trimmed with gold and green, a look that has been featured in multiple teasers so far.

Credit: Walt Disney Studios/Facebook

We then see her in purple and fuchsia with teal accents.

Credit: Walt Disney Studios/Facebook

In the princess of Agrabah’s next appearance, we see her talking with her friend and handmaiden Dalia, played by Nasim Pedrad. Jasmine sports a sunny dress in hues of orange and yellow, with green-colored jewelry.

Credit: Walt Disney Studios/Facebook

So far, Jasmine’s looks are pretty different from what fans of the original movie remember, but rest assured, the filmmakers didn’t forget to feature her in that iconic blue hue. The new version might even be—dare we say it—better than its animated counterpart, complete with a gauzy veil and plenty of glittery accents.

Credit: Walt Disney Studios/Facebook

Watch the latest Aladdin trailer below.

Is it May 24th yet?