Karen Belz
Updated Feb 21, 2018 @ 11:17 am

If you’re a member of Bachelor Nation — or just love everything and anything celebrity couple-related, then you’ve undoubtedly heard whispers that Mad Men actress and The Bachelor star Nick Viall are dating. Viall was featured on the 21st season of the show and broke up with winner Vanessa Grimaldi this past year.

Meanwhile, Jones has been tied to a few notable celebrities in the past, from Ashton Kutcher to Will Forte. And since she’s a known superfan of the Bachelor franchise, it makes sense that she might have seen something special in Viall.

But alas, it currently appears as though the pair are just friends.

Le sigh. We guess that answers that (also, um, befriending Nick Viall to get the inside scoop on the show? Genius). Also, FYI, Jones is decidedly unimpressed with the current season.

Since Jones is clearly a Bachelor expert, we’ll take her word on it.

Now, January, can you tell us anything Nick’s told you about the current season?