Anna Sheffer
Updated January 24, 2019

Back in May, fans of Jane the Virgin were distraught to learn that The CW would be ending the series after Season 5. But now, there’s good news for everyone wanting more of Jane and her story (especially after that wild Season 4 finale): The CW has officially ordered a spinoff for the series. Gina Rodriguez, aka Jane Gloriana Villanueva herself, shared the good news in a January 24th Instagram post.

Rodriguez posted her announcement alongside a picture of herself and Elias Janssen, who plays Mateo on the show. The image also featured another baby bump (!), leaving us with questions. Will Mateo soon have a baby sibling, and if so, who is the father? Could it be a hint at an upcoming flashback? Or was the photo simply staged for the spinoff announcement? Either way, the post is adorable.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the spinoff, called Jane the Novela, will be an anthology series, with each season based on one of Jane’s books (and featuring narration from Jane herself). Jane the Virgin writer Valentina Garza will pen the script, which promises to retain the telenovela spirit of the original. The parent series’ showrunner, Jennie Snyder Urman, is set to executive-produce, alongside Garza and Rodriguez. Season 1 will reportedly be set in a Napa Valley vineyard.

The spinoff news comes amid ongoing controversy over some of Rodriguez’s past comments, which critics have suggested are anti-black. As HuffPost notes, the actress sparked backlash in November when she falsely claimed that black women earn more than Asian women and Latinx women. According to the Pew Research Center, black women earn significantly less than Asian women when compared to white men. The Root has also pointed out that in 2017, Rodriguez came under fire for tweeting that superhero movies were lacking in Latinx representation—even though Afro-Latinx actresses like Zoe Saldana, Rosario Dawson, and Tessa Thompson have appeared in Marvel movies and TV shows. Many also felt that her comment—which was a direct response to Black Panther—pitted marginalized groups against each other and failed to recognize the monumental importance of the film for black representation.

The air date for Jane the Novela has yet to be announced, but Jane the Virgin‘s final season will premiere on March 27th.