Exhausted moms across the world came through with their best advice.

Lia Beck
Jul 14, 2020 @ 12:09 pm
jana kramer country singer, son sleep regression advice
Credit: Gary Gershoff, Getty Images

Sometimes, you need to just hear that you aren’t alone. That’s exactly the reassurance Jana Kramer is looking for as she deals with her son’s sleep regression. On Sunday, July 12th, the country singer and actor posted an Instagram of herself crying along with a lengthy caption about her 19-month-old’s current sleep situation. 

“This is motherhood,” she wrote. “Exhausted, heart strings breaking and crying in a dark room just wanting their baby to fall asleep because you’re exhausted too.” 

Kramer explained that her son, Jace, was screaming in his crib and throwing his “lovey” instead of falling asleep. She believes this to be “the 18-21 [month] sleep regression” and noted that her son’s ears were checked and that they’re fine, but also that he has four molars growing in. Basically, he’s going through a tough time, and Kramer is trying to just push through, but it’s hard when her toddler’s behavior is changing and causing both of them to miss out on sleep.

“Please please mommas tell me it’ll be better soon?!” Kramer wrote. “And any tips?!? Also I only share this because I need the mom support.” 

She got exactly what she was looking for. The post now has nearly 10,000 comments, many of them from parents sharing their own experiences with raising toddlers. While not everyone is on the same page about what Kramer should do, the support is clearly there. 

On Tuesday, Kramer posted an update about Jace’s most recent night’s sleep and shared her gratitude for everyone who reached out. 

“The support on my last post literally blew me away and made me feel way less embarrassed for sharing so thank YOU,” she started her caption. She also said that Jace “woke up twice last night crying but was able to fall back asleep which is a WIN in my book. He is still striking his naps but slowly but surely he will go back..right?”

Kramer also has a daughter, Jolie Rae, in addition to her son, Jace Joseph, with her husband, Mike Caussin.

If you’re a parent who is looking for more talk about sleep regression, Kramer said this week’s episode of her podcast, Whine Down, will include the topic. And if you’re looking for more reassurance that you aren’t alone in your parenting woes, her realistic Instagram posts are there for you, too.