Rachel Paige
Updated January 09, 2018

On Sunday evening, James Franco took home the award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture — Comedy or Musical at the 2018 Golden Globes. And that’s where the nice things about James Franco seem to end — and quite possibly end forever, if this next part is true. Franco is now facing sexual misconduct allegations, and this story is one that needs to be brought to light.

Shortly after scooping up the trophy, Franco’s “seedy” past began resurfacing on the internet. Breakfast Club actress Ally Sheedy tweeted a (since deleted) thread implying that Franco was the reason she left Hollywood. Also, let’s not forget time one time he tried to get a 17-year-old to his hotel room in New York City, a story that began resurfacing, as it should. And now, new allegations suggest that the actor not only exposed himself, but also tried to force sex acts on women.

On Sunday evening, actress Violet Paley tweeted “Cute #TimesUp pin James Franco.” From there, she recounted a story about how the actor “pushed [her] head down in a car towards your exposed penis,” along with “[telling] my friend to come to your hotel when she was 17.” While Paley goes on to explain that, yes, she and Franco did have a consensual relationship at the time, this act was not consensual.

Almost immediately, the trolls came for Paley, pointing out that she admitted to having a consensual relationship with the actor. However, she was quickly (and bravely) ready to stand up for herself, and remind everyone that just because you’re in a relationship at the time, consent still needs to be accounted for, and in most cases, a top priority.

This accusation is actually the same one that is being brought against That ’70s Show Danny Masterson. Even though you are in a relationship at the time, rape in a relationship can still happen.

According to one of Paley’s latest tweets, Franco has reached out to her to apologize, but Paley — rightfully so — does not accept. She also offers up a way for Franco to try and make some amends, by possibly donating to Rainn, the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network.

Franco has not responded to the allegations at the time. We’re sending our support to Paley during this difficult time, and we’ll follow this story as it develops.