Picture of Jameela Jamil Airbrushing
Credit: Rich Fury / Stringer / Getty Images

If only everyone thought like Jameela Jamil does. In recent months, The Good Place actress has solidified herself as a body positive activist. Back in March, Jamil launched an Instagram account called “I Weigh” dedicated to promoting body positivty. The account shares photos of real people and lists their weight in terms of things other than a number on the scale. Jamil’s own “I Weigh” post lists her weight as a “lovely relationship,” “great friends,” and “financial independence.”

Now, Jamil is promoting body positivity in another way: by requesting that she not be airbrushed in her latest magazine cover shoot. Jamil appears on the June 2018 cover of Vera, Virgin Atlantic’s in-flight magazine, with absolutely no airbrushing. The actress says she requests not to be airbrushed often, but only sometimes gets her wish. But Vera agreed, and their photos of the airbrush-free Jamil are stunning.

Jamil shared the photos on Instagram, calling out her “squishy legs and normal 32 year old knees,” thankful they weren’t doctored in post-production. She also shared the pictures on Twitter, saying she’s grateful they didn’t “airbrush me or any of my squish.” Jamil received an outpouring of support for being so open about the photoshoot. She took to social media and her blog to elaborate, explaining the three main reasons why she thinks airbrushing is terrible.

Reason #1: It’s a fantasy.

Reason #2: It’s dishonest.

Reason #3: It’s offensive.

Jamil’s voice is so appreciated in this day and age. Maybe #SayNoToAirbrushing should be her next campaign?

And finally, Jamil shared one last message for her haters on her Instagram Story.

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Jameela Jamil is truly making the world a…wait for it…Good Place.