As we prepare to say goodbye to our beloved New Girl, it’s time to ask the cast the most important question: What have you guys steal from the Loft?

It’s kind of a new ~tradition~ among stars to snag a few things here and there from the set, and it’s kind of hilarious to think about the stars of New Girl going home with many of the props hat have populated the Loft for the last seven seasons. At a screening for the New Girl finale Tuesday night, Max Greenfield confessed that he…didn’t take anything. However, his on-screen wife — and the bestest best friend on television ever — Hannah Simone took a bunch of things, explaining:

So while Simone now has a newly furnished home, that more than likely looks a whole lot like the Loft, she’s not the only cast member to take things as a parting gift. While he didn’t divulge if he took any furniture, or stacks and stacks of Pepperwood Chronicle books, Jake Johnson did take something special: literally every single pair of Nick’s pants. Even better, Johnson frequently wears Nick’s pants.

Even though the show might be coming to a close, clearly Nick’s wardrobe is going to good use. So next time you see Jake Johnson out and about, know he’s probably wearing a part of New Girl history.