And the prank wars continue. Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds, and Hugh Jackman are nothing if not habitually mean to each other (all in the name of good fun…we think). The famous friends can often be found trolling each other on Twitter, taking hilarious red carpet pics, and yes—cracking each other up in interviews. And now, it seems as though Gyllenhaal and Jackman teamed up to get Deadpool actor Reynolds—hard. In a December 20th Instagram post, Reynolds shared photos of himself in an over-the-top holiday sweater, standing between the other two men (who are distinctly not dressed up).

LOL FOREVER. (And don’t forget to scroll to the right for the second photo). We’re not exactly sure whose house they’re at, but it seems like a holiday gathering and Reynolds looks low-key humiliated. However, don’t feel too bad for the guy. We have a feeling he’s going to get his buddies back, and probably sometime soon. He is the guy who pulled this move when Jackman’s latest movie, The Front Runner, came out, after all:

We officially can’t wait to see how this escalates.