Rachel Paige
Updated Feb 05, 2018 @ 2:32 pm

The opening moments of the post-super Bowl This Is Us showed us what happened during the Pearson house fire. Jack happens to wake up in the middle of the night, and it’s very hot. He takes a drink of water, and then – since something’s not right, he can feel it — Jack gets up and opens the bedroom door, and is met with FLAMES. The house is on fire, and he springs into “Superman” mode to get him and his family out safe.

All of us probably thought that Jack would die in the house fire, since that’s what we’ve been led to believe on This Is Us. Jack would somehow get trapped inside as the house came crumbling down due to the fire, or would make it outside and collapse from inhaling so much smoke. The good news for us is that neither of those things happen — Jack *does* go running back into the house to save Kate’s dog, and also manages to rescue some irreplaceable family things, like pictures and a video of Kate singing. Even better news for us, Jack is *only* suffering from burns and too inhaling too smoke in his lungs, but he’s, for the most part, fine.

Jack and Rebecca head to the hospital. Everything is fine. Jack’s still got smoke in his lungs, but he’s fine. Jack doesn’t want pain pills, but he’s still fine. Rebecca goes to call Kate and Randall, and reassures them that everything is fine, Jack is fine, everything is fine.

Except…everything is not fine. Because since life can change in an instant, while Rebecca is on the phone with Kate, Jack suffers a heart attack and dies. It happens in the span of about two minutes, and it is downright heartbreaking. We see Rebecca talking on the phone with Kate — and in the background, we see the hospital staff running back and forth because it’s clear something has just happened with a patient, and doctors and nurses are needed, stat.

The patient is Jack. The doctor comes over to talk to Rebecca, and breaks the news to her and she doesn’t believe it because she just left Jack and he was fine.

There will never be enough tissues in the world to dry our tears.