Jackie Aina
Credit: Jackie Aina /

It goes without saying that one of the original YouTube beauty gurus, Jackie Aina, has done an impeccable job of using her platform. She is always pushing for inclusivity and is a voice for people of color who don’t always feel “seen” in the beauty industry. So it came as no surprise that Women’s Wear Daily named Jackie its Influencer of the Year.

Jackie is more than deserving of this esteemed honor. Whether she’s working with brands to expand their foundation ranges or challenging creators to embrace Black-owned beauty brands, she’s the perfect example of how to use her influence for the greater good. On this topic, she told WWD:

Since starting her channel about 10 years ago, Jackie has amassed over 2.5 million followers on YouTube and over 1 million on Instagram. Aside from her impressive following, the beauty guru doesn’t just talk the talk. She walks the walk.

Back in June, Too Faced enlisted Jackie to help them expand its Born This Way Foundation. She helped create shades that were better-suited for people of color. This past summer, she spoke to HelloGiggles about how much thought she put into the range.

Jackie’s drive to push the beauty industry is always a priority. Take a look at one of her videos, and you’ll find her brutally honest yet informative reviews. Talking to WWD, the beauty guru makes it clear that she’s always going to be “Jackie, Jackie, Jackie.”

If that isn’t an example of being selflessly committed to pushing the beauty world forward and staying true to yourself, then we don’t know what is.