It’s been exactly one year since everyone in the world was freaking out over #TheDress. Now there’s a new version of the phenomenon to argue about. Via Buzzfeed, a Tumblr user named @poppunkblogger posted a photo of an Adidas jacket that she swears is black and brown, though her friend says is white and blue. Those reblogging the photo are split, with a few people claiming to also see green. Others are just screaming in agony that we are going through yet another #TheDress debacle.

As with the original, the jacket probably isn’t some sort of magic trick. The reason why people see different colors is most likely due to scientific reasons—such as the way our brains interpret light—so remember that before you get into huge debate over #TheJacket. It’s probably blue and white, anyway.

But you tell us — what do you see?