Many Harry Potter fans dream of meeting J.K. Rowling someday. After all, she is the woman responsible for creating the magical world that was such a big part of so many of our childhoods. But for one gay Scottish couple, this dream became a reality—and on their wedding day, too.

According to HuffPost, the men in question, named Nick and John, got married on August 26th at the Prestonfield House in Edinburgh. And by some stroke of luck (or maybe magic), Rowling appeared.

Apparently, she was at the same venue attending another event, and when Nick and John’s photographer, Matt Fothergill, spotted her outside, he just had to ask her if she’d pose for a photo with the happy couple.

And knowing how much Rowling loves her fans, we’re not surprised at all that she agreed.

Fothergill told HuffPost that Rowling was “so cool” to take time from her day to meet the grooms.

And yes, before you ask, there was a freakout after Rowling left. Even though all three men seemed to keep it together for their encounter with one of the world’s biggest authors, after she left, Fothergill said that “fanboying” commenced.

“I’d loved to have said we were super cool about the whole thing, but I’m pretty sure she heard us squealing with delight,” he told the site. “She was so, so cool [and] really sweet and it’s something myself and my clients are gonna treasure for our whole lives. We’re all serious Potterheads and have a huge respect for J.K. Rowling’s charity and activism, so this was a truly epic, meet-your-hero moment.”

Sounds like a dream come true—as if the wedding itself wasn’t going to be memorable enough already! Congrats to Nick and John. If there was ever a perfect way to start off a life together, this would be it.