Toria Sheffield
February 22, 2019 7:12 am

Another day, another ridiculous comment from the Trump camp. The most recent absurdity? A tweet from first daughter Ivanka Trump about the current administration’s contributions to science. On Thursday, February 21st, the younger Trump retweeted a post from the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy that read, “For the past two years, the Trump Administration has been an active and meaningful driver for science and technology policy in America.”

Is she talking about the same administration that went longer without a top science advisor than any president since 1976? The one in which our own president said he’s “too intelligent” to believe a 1,600 page report from scientists on the dangers of global warming? The one in which our vice president believes in conversion therapy for the gay community (which, let’s be real, is basically like believing that opinionated women are witches by 2019 standards)?

And, as expected, Twitter has thoughts.

Okay, you get the gist. But this is one Twitter roast we declare more than earned.