It’s officially Black History Month, which means politicians, celebrities, and everyday social media users are posting messages about the significance and incredible legacy of Black culture in America. But not every tribute hits the mark, and Ivanka Trump is currently facing backlash for her tweet to commemorate the month.

Twitter users were quick to point out that her father’s track record of dog-whistling white supremacists doesn’t seem congruous to her Black History Month message. They cited reports that Trump has been sued for discriminating against black tenants at his properties, as well as his role in the racist “Birther” movement against President Barack Obama, among other examples.


Others saw Trump’s tweet as a cynical ploy for good press.

To be clear, Ivanka Trump is not her father—but she has consistently refrained from pushing back against his discriminatory policies and has always toed the party line. If she really wants to recognize and honor black Americans this February, she needs to take action—not offer empty words.