Updated Aug 08, 2019 @ 1:02 pm
body positivity
Credit: @iskra, Instagram

Iskra Lawrence is a force to be reckoned with in the body-positivity movement. The 28-year-old model isn’t one to hold back when it comes to challenging today’s unrealistic beauty standards. Whether she’s appearing in unretouched ad campaigns or encouraging women to strive for happiness instead of a number on the scale, her passion for uplifting others is fierce.

Another way Lawrence continues to empower women? Social media. She’s been using body-positive hashtags to help build a network of like-minded women on Instagram.

One such hashtag, #CelluLIT, has taken off recently, inspiring women from around the world to proudly bare their cellulite on the ‘gram.

On July 31st, Lawrence shared a selfie wearing a bright pink one-piece swimsuit that put the cellulite on her butt on full display.

“Oh hey #celluLIT,” she wrote alongside the post, adding that she’s recently gotten to a comfortable place with her self-image.

Over 18,000 women have shared similar posts using the #celluLIT hashtag on Instagram, including powerlifter Meg Gallagher, aka @megsquats. She recently shared a photo of herself flaunting the cellulite on the back of her legs.

Body-positive influencer, Erika Carlock has popped up on the hashtag’s “Explore” page, too. She recently shared an empowering post about swimsuit season:

Journalist and blogger Liz Black, on the other hand, used the hashtag to share how long it took for her to embrace the bumps on her skin.

“I spent so many years hiding my thighs because I felt so much shame about my cellulite,” she wrote alongside a photo of the cellulite on the back of her legs. “I spent summers sweltering in jeans, insisting I was comfortable, simply because I didn’t dare slip on shorts and show the world the truth. I’ve slathered creams, tried exercises, and even spent a very uncomfortable hour wrapped in serum and saran wrap in hopes of ‘improving the texture.'”

It took time, but Black learned how to embrace her so-called scars as they are.

Thanks to pop culture and media portrayals of the “ideal” body, many people think that cellulite is “ugly.” But the truth is, it’s really, really normal. So if you’re out there trying to hide this completely natural part of your body, let #CelluLIT remind you to be proud of the skin you’re in, and don’t let the haters tell you otherwise.