Mark your calendars: March 13th is the day the world stopped believing in love. Okay, not really, but the announcement that Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid have split has fans of both celebrities reeling — and mourning the loss of what had to be one of the most photogenic pairings in history.

Both Malik and Hadid took to Twitter today to confirm the news, and more than a few people are wondering how long #Zigi has been separated…and if either of them have moved on to someone new.

The answer, so far as we can tell, is no: Both Gigi and Zayn appear to be single (and probably not yet ready to mingle).

Gigi, for her part, tweeted that she is “forever grateful for the love, time and life that Z and I shared” and that “whatever’s meant to be will be.” Both are committed to remaining friends through their split (though as fans noticed, Zayn did unfollow Gigi on Instagram).

British newspaper The Sun reported their split earlier today, prompting the stars themselves to make statements.

The couple did briefly break up and get back together in 2016, so anything is possible. But right now the best thing to do is mourn their adorableness in private and leave them be. Breakups are the absolute worst, and we hope both of them are equipped with perfectly-curated playlists of power anthems, their most optimistic friends, and full-sized tubs of Ben & Jerry’s as we speak.