The Irwin Family
Credit: Getty Images, Monica Schipper

Australia is currently being ravaged by an outbreak of wildfires, which so far have claimed 25 human lives, destroyed 6.3 million hectares of bush, forest, and parks, and killed millions of animals. People all over the world are rolling up their sleeves to help as much as they can, from ordinary folk to sex workers to celebrities. But when it comes to saving the poor animals affected by the fires, the Irwin family is at the forefront of the cause.

Bindi Irwin just announced via Instagram that her family has saved a whopping 90,000 animals over the past few days, having taken them to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, which is owned by the Irwin family. In her post, she shared that the fight is not over and they will continue their job as “Wildlife Warriors” to save as many animals as possible.

She added that their wildlife hospital “is busier than ever” and the team has already treated over 90,000 patients.

Meanwhile, on a January 6th episode of CNN’s Anderson Cooper Full Circle, Bindi’s mother Terri and brother Robert Irwin talked about the impact the bushfires have on the country’s helpless animals.

Terri added that this tragedy is enough of a wakeup call to urge everyone to be more proactive in saving the environment and combatting climate change.

If you’d like to take part in helping Australia recover from the fires, you can donate organizations including the Australian Red Cross, WIRES wildlife rescue, the Salvation Army Australia. You can also donate to the Irwins’ Wildlife Warriors to help them secure funds for medical equipment and supplies for the distressed animals.