Gina Florio
Updated Aug 03, 2016 @ 6:53 pm
hijab 1
Credit: Mohammad Javad Jafary /

In 1983, an Iranian law was enacted that required women to wear hijabs (the veil that covers their heads and part of their chests). This was in conjunction with the order that Iranian women don loose clothing, so they can hide their sexual allure from men. Currently, the law is still being put into effect and women who refuse to comply are fined or – worse – detained.

Now, Masih Alinejad (an Iranian journalist) is fighting back online as she works to give women the choice to wear the hijab.

It makes no difference whether a woman wants to wear it or not — there is no right or wrong decision — but it all lies in the choice. That’s why Masih started the hashtag #MenInHijab, which encourages men to post photos of themselves in hijab to stand in solidarity with Iranian women. In turn, this has caused these men to beautifully support My Stealthy Freedom, the journalist’s online campaign.

“For a world with freedom and respect to everyone. Women should be able to choose. This is unnatural. #meninhijab #politics #humanrights,” wrote the following man, to caption his meaningful snapshot:

Another man wrote, “Non- hijab is not dishonor, dishonor means … all these oppressions and limitations for my mother, sister and women of my country.”

Men in Iran are even posing next to their wives, to show solidarity. The man below asserted that he wants his “wife to be able to live in an Iran where she is the one who can determine what she can wear:”

The movement doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, even though Alinejad has received some backlash for her bold work. In her defense, people are coming forward to claim that this is more than a cultural issue. This is a human rights issue, and to be silent is to be complacent in the face of oppression.

Ultimately, many feel that this movement is a lovely thing to witness. Kudos to Alinejad for starting this hashtag and encouraging all of us to take a look at this very important matter, because all women deserve freedom, no matter how they choose to use it.