Genelle Levy
February 27, 2018 10:33 am

There’s nothing that makes the crowds go wild quite like a new iPhone release, and the anticipated sequel to the iPhone X is no exception. The latest incarnation of the iPhone X may offer three versions in varying sizes.

Bloomberg reports that Apple is currently working on three iPhone X follow-up devices, including an updated iPhone X, a “phablet” (aka, a mix between a phone and a tablet and their largest phone to date), and a less expensive entry model.

All three phones will feature the iPhone X’s edge-to-edge display and facial recognition, while the latest iPhone X version and the phablet will include new A12 processors and a stainless steel rim like the previous iPhone X. The phablet’s dimensions will be similar to the iPhone 8 Plus with a 7.5 inch OLED screen, making it the largest smartphone display on the market.

To cut costs, the cheaper version of the phone will include an aluminum edge and a LED display rather than a OLED display. And while the current iPhone X is only offered in silver and space grey, the new versions will probably feature the gold color as an option.

The tech company apparently hopes to attract more buyers in Asian markets where larger-screened devices are more in vogue and where gold is a popular color option. The release of the larger iPhone X could also spell the end of the iPad mini with Apple’s increasingly large Plus size phones mimicking the compactness of the mini (which hasn’t seen a significant update since the launch of the iPad mini 4 in 2015).

2018 could also be the year where Apple streamlines its mobile products instead focusing their efforts on the company’s growing line of hardware like HomePod, AppleWatch, and AirPods. They will also be focusing extensively on improving and solidifying the iOS experience rather than adding tons of additional features.

As the Bloomberg report notes, “Apple is seeking to rekindle sales by offering a model for everyone.” Thoughts on a potential iPhone comeback?