iPhone 7
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The world has been abuzz with rumors about the new iPhone 7 — such as they may be getting rid of the headphone jack altogether, and that it may be made entirely out of glass (eek!). Now, everyone’s talking about the latest iPhone 7 rumor that may impact how we take photos.

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Previously, it was expected the iPhone 7, which is anticipated to debut in fall 2016, would have a dual-lens camera — in other words, a camera with two lenses that would increase the quality of the photos. However, a report by Boy Genius Report is claiming that there’s a new rumor that an “unnamed Foxconn employee” claimed the dual-lens camera in the new iPhone has been canceled due to “immature technology.” BGR highlights that it’s unclear “what that means, or whether the claim is even accurate,” but that if it were true, it would be getting rid of one of the phone’s major features. (You can read a whole bunch of other iPhone 7 rumors from MacWorld here.)

That said, it’s important to note that the iPhone already has a pretty darn impressive camera — after all, Tangerine, a majorly popular film from last year’s Sundance Film Festival, was filmed using an iPhone 5. So hey, Apple, we wouldn’t fault ya too hard — technology can only go so far. We’re sure the iPhone 7 will be mind-blowing as always.