Credit: Valencia Key / Oliver Thomas / Bella Dona / Anna Buckley / HelloGiggles

It’s International Women’s Day and what better way to celebrate than by supporting women-owned businesses?

It’s a day to acknowledge the contributions, accomplishment, and movements of women worldwide. We personally think women should be celebrated every day, but we are glad the holiday is gaining traction. It’s inspiring to see how people are honoring the importance of women in the workforce, politics, art, and countless other areas, especially given the current climate and discourse. (You know what we’re talking about.)

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite pieces from woman-owned businesses, for you to support during International Women’s Day or all year round.

1Valencia Key Radiate Joy Earrings, $75

Credit: Valencia Key

Lia Key’s journey toward founding Valencia Key included homelessness, poverty, and adversity, but she was able to overcome her struggles with support from the women in her life. She creates her beautiful jewelry to help empower and inspire other women. She tells HelloGiggles:

2Family Affairs The Cat’s Meow Shirt, $90

Credit: Family Affairs

The mother-daughter team of Kaya and Nina Egli create cute designs despite living in Switzerland and Brooklyn, respectively. Family Affairs, indeed.

3Good Looking Objects Handful of Magic Necklace, $80

Credit: Good Looking Objects

Melinda Ryan created her “jewelry for imaginative women” brand due to her love of design, magic, animals, and nature. Her delicate, wearable pieces have a spark of humor and freedom that will make them your new go-to.

4Verameat Blood and Tears Hat, $38

Credit: Verameat

Vera Balyura started Verameat as a quirky jewelry line (think a dinosaur-eating-fried-chicken ring) but recently branched out into accessories and clothing. The pieces are irreverent, cute, and little bit weird, just how we like ’em.

5Valfré Lover Bomber Jacket, $108

Credit: Valfre

We are longtime fans of Mexican artist-turned-fashion powerhouse, Valfré. This sassy jacket will tell the world that you’re a lover, not a fighter.

6Farai Adrien Poncho Cape, $132.50

Credit: Shop Farai

Farai Simoyi is the creative force behind the brand that bears her name. Farai focuses on a sustainable lifestyle and produces products in NYC and with African artisans. Ethically produced garments and accessories feature gorgeous patterns and showcase Farai’s passion for Africa and empowering women.

7Wanderlust Weekender Duffle, $109

Credit: The Oliver Thomas

It might sound like a guy’s name but Oliver Thomas is actually a woman-owned business. (Oliver was actually named after her dog.) This camo duffle is perfect for traveling.

8Sue_Ella Latin Legends Tee, $25

Created by two Latinxs, the Sue_Ella shop is full of one-of-a-kind tees that will speak to all of the Latinxs out there. Strong Female Lead Sweatshirt, $65


Someday we’ll live in a world where it’s just “lead,” but until then, this tongue-in-cheek statement gets the point across.

10Samantha Pleet Prima Swimsuit in Harlequin, $89

Credit: Samantha Pleet

A wonderful one-piece in an unusual pattern that doubles easily as a top.

11Rachel Antonoff Sammy Midi Dress in Tutti Frutti, $148

Credit: Rachel Antonoff

Behold your new favorite summer dress.

12Jen Zeano Designs We are the Latinas Tee, $30

Credit: Jen Zeano Designs

Jen Zeano is a Texas-based Mexicana creator who believes in Latina magic and a little bit of hippie flavor.

13Wildfang Fight for Your Rights Button Up, $74

Credit: Wildfang

Until we don’t have to protest anymore, let ’em know where you stand.

14Curvy Beach Bikini Top, $60

Credit: Curvy Beach

Curvy Beach was born when founder and mode Elizabeth Taylor (yep, that’s her real name!) noticed that most plus fashion swimwear lines sold only high-waisted and “flattering” (read, full coverage, “minimizing”) pieces. Her response? A line of string bikinis that are selling like hotcakes.

15Bella Doña Las Doñas Vintage Jacket, $120

Credit: Bella Dona

Doing it for the ladies.

16Melody Ehsani x Reebok Leopard Dress, $70

Credit: Melody Ehsani

Let that roar out, woman!

17Laser Kitten Girls Girls Girls Bomber Jacket, $120

Credit: Laser Kitten

Who run the world? Girls!