Kathryn Lindsay
Updated Jun 07, 2016 @ 9:33 am
Instagram update
Credit: Author

Users may be divided over the recent changes to Instagram’s algorithm, but we can all agree we’d love a way to make the app easier and faster to use. For iPhone users, this just became a reality after Instagram’s latest update, which you can download ~today~ from the App Store. Now we can can post photos to Instagram directly from their Photo app, going live in a matter of seconds, TechCrunch reports.

This is handy because many Instagram users use third-party apps to edit their photos (like VSCO or Pic Stitch), and others take a totally minimal approach without any editing at all. Whatever your method of editing, for those who don’t use any of Instagram’s in-app editing features, it’s now super-easy and simple to get your photos from your phone onto your feed.

First, find the photo you want to post in your Photo Stream:


When you select your photo, a bunch of app options will pop up — make sure you have Instagram enabled! If not, you can do this by clicking the “more” button.


When you click Instagram, it will bring you to this screen where you type in your caption:


Then you click “share,” and voila, your photo is live!


Posting to Instagram from your Photo app takes less than a minute and is totally seamless. Now that your entire photo stream is fair game, there will be no more clunky scrolling and searching from the app. Double-tap that!