Jessica Booth
February 22, 2018 5:51 am

It’s pretty much official: The coolest thing to do on Instagram Stories right now is to take the GIF Challenge. If you haven’t already done one yourself, you’ve definitely seen at least one person do it. The GIF Challenge is a way to show off your personality, likes, and dislikes in the cutest way possible, and it’s just as fun as it seems. Remember those surveys we all used to take and post on Facebook or Tumblr (or email out to our friends)? This is kind of like that, except you’re filling in the blanks using GIFs, which is a lot more exciting. But what should you do if Instagram Stories isn’t letting you do the GIF Challenge?

Before we get into how to fix this, you should probably know exactly what the GIF Challenge is, so there’s no confusion. It was originally created by artist Martina Martian. She has posted a bunch of “get to know me” GIF Challenge templates on her own saved stories, and they caught on pretty quickly. Taking part in the GIF Challenge is simple: you screenshot one of the blank templates (like the one below), then upload it to your own Story. Before adding to your Story, add the appropriate GIF to each little section.

Instagram/Martina Martian

You can get as creative as you want, and since there are so many GIFs to choose from, you could do this more than once. Martian has a few different templates you can play around with and as it gets more popular, you can probably expect other artists to create even more.

But what if you can’t join in on the fun?

The problem is most likely that you don’t yet have the ability to use GIFs in your Instagram Stories. To see if you have access to them, upload a photo to your Story, then click on the smiling sticker on the upper righthand corner. When you click that, you should see something that says “GIFs” on the second line. From there, you can find popular GIFs and search for specific ones.

Instagram / Jessica Booth

If you don’t see anything that says GIFs and you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t stress: you probably just need to update your app.

Go to the App Store, click on Updates, and see if you have any available for Instagram. If so, update the app. They should be there then! Instagram started rolling out GIFs in January and at this time, they should be available to everyone.

If they aren’t there even after updating, try seeing if you need an entire system update for your phone. You can also try the tried and true trick of turning your phone off and on again. If none of this works, then there’s a possibility that the GIFs just haven’t rolled out to you yet and in that case, you’ll just have to wait until they do.

In the meantime, though, start thinking about the GIFs you’re going to add when you can do the GIF Challenge. It’s worth the wait!