Anna Sheffer
Updated Mar 04, 2019 @ 11:17 am
Credit: IKEA USA /

When it comes to affordable furniture (and cheap, tasty meatballs), IKEA is a go-to for many millennials. At this point, the Swedish home goods company pretty much has the market cornered—but that doesn’t stop the brand from getting creative. The company once ran an ad that doubled as a functional pregnancy test, and its latest commercial is just as unexpected. In an ad for bedroom furniture, the brand introduced the “IKEA Kåma Sutra.” The suggestive ad, released on March 4th, opens by asking viewers, “Are you getting enough satisfaction in your bedroom?”

The commercial continues by detailing some of the, ahem, “positions,” in the book. There’s the Lotus Flower, which reportedly leads to “powerful feelings of ecstasy.” Then, there’s the “Widely Open”—featuring an open wardrobe for those who “like to show it all.” If neither of those strikes your fancy, there’s also the “Climber” for “those who like to be on top.”

Watch the full, hilarious video below.

The IKEA Kåma Sutra isn’t just limited to one commercial. If you visit the IKEA USA website, you can read the full book, which details 20 “positions” and provides information about the items you can purchase to achieve them. You’re welcome.