Anna Sheffer
Updated Jan 10, 2018 @ 2:46 pm

Ah, Ikea. There’s nowhere we’d rather go for cheap furniture and meatballs with lingonberry sauce. And now that’s not all the home goods store is offering. The latest Ikea ad promises to let you know if you’ve got a bun in the oven.

The new Ikea pregnancy test ad is a magazine page advertising a crib. Women can allegedly pee on a strip at the bottom of the page to reveal whether or not they;re pregnant. If the test results are positive, the ad will display a 50 percent off coupon for the Sundvik crib.

According to Adweek, Swedish advertising firm Akestam Holst designed the ad with help from Mercene Labs, and it is currently featured in the Swedish women’s magazine Amelia.

How does it work? The same way as any other pregnancy test, apparently.

Thankfully, no Ikea cashiers will be subjected to handling urine-soaked ads. Ikea Sweden spokesperson Magnus Jakobsson told CNBC that, to receive the discount, pregnant customers simply have to join Ikea’s rewards program.

While the ad is undoubtedly creative, Twitter users were divided about whether it was weird or wonderful.

But one user criticized the ad for leaving out future parents who weren’t pregnant.

A 50 percent discount on a crib is a great deal for parents-to-be. Along with Ikea’s awesome parental leave program for working parents, it’s clear this company cares about families. And beyond promoting a product, this Ikea ad ranks with flushable and environmentally friendly pregnancy tests as one of the more innovative ways to find out you’re expecting.

We’re undecided about if we’d put this ad to its intended use. But we have to admit this is definitely a unique idea that customers will be talking about for years to come.