On Thursday, December 27th, a backup dancer at an Iggy Azalea concert in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil collapsed on the ground—suffering from what was later confirmed to be a seizure. While other dancers in the show stopped what they were doing to try and help, Azalea appeared to keep singing for several more versus. She then called for a medic via her microphone, and proceeded to sing until the music cut off. The dancer was taken backstage where she was treated, and the show continued.

A number of fans criticized Azalea for her response, saying that she should have stopped the show immediately when she saw that a dancer was on the ground.

Azalea responded to the backlash on her Instagram Stories later that evening, providing an update on the dancer’s status and explaining that it was a confusing few moments.

Credit: Iggy Azalea / Instagram

She went onto write that she “thought [the dancer] had just fallen/twisted her ankle,” and that while it may “sound harsh,” professional performers are trained to “keep singing until the music stops.” Azalea concluded: “We are all really shaken up by what happened & just thankful she is okay.” She also made it clear that people should not be making jokes about what happened to the dancer, and that seizures are serious.

Credit: Iggy Azalea / Instagram

It looks as though this was an extremely confusing few minutes and Azalea misunderstood what happened (and when you watch the actual video, there was less than a minute between the time the dancer collapsed and when medics arrived). So let’s take a beat before we judge somebody else’s actions—especially in a scary and unexpected situation. We’re just glad the dancer is okay, and we’re sending healing vibes her way.