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Credit: Getty Images/om Williams/CQ Roll Call

What a day to be alive, friends. We can’t lie: We’re feeling pretty down today. But we’re feeling a little optimistic for the future, because we have something to hold on to: The Electoral College map if only millennials voted. We promise it’ll make you feel some warmth in your soul. Because while we as a society spend a lot of time slamming ~the terrible young people~ of the world, the Millennial electoral vote map is giving us so much hope.

While we know by now that Donald Trump officially won the election, when you break things down by demographic, things get pretty interesting. Nothing is as clean cut as it seems.

The Millennial electoral vote map shows Hillary Clinton winning by a landslide.

The Millennial electoral vote map, which only features votes from millennials, shows Clinton getting 504 votes. Trump gets 23. How the electoral college works remains a little bit confusing. Especially because it looks like Clinton won the popular vote this election, we’re pretty torn. But we’re feeling less miserable knowing that there future isn’t as dim as we thought.

The OP, Theresa Caney explains,

And we are feeling a little bit more helpful today. Take care of yourselves, friends.