Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Jul 14, 2016 @ 11:29 am
Credit: Getty Images/Baltimore Sun

It’s official: Dr. Carla Hayden has been confirmed to be the next Librarian of Congress, making her the first woman and the first black person to take on the position. false

Obviously, we’re celebrating. This makes Dr. Hayden a major role model and shows young black girls that they, too, can make massive strides not just in politics, but in any job they want to pursue. In today’s tense cultural climate, it feels so *good* to have something like this, something positive and exciting and history making, to be excited about.

And we’re not the only ones excited. false false false false

People everywhere are *thrilled* about this major accomplishment.

According to the president, Her understanding of the pivotal role that emerging technologies play in libraries will be essential in leading the Library of Congress as it continues to modernize its infrastructure and promote open access and full participation in today’s digital world.”

What a major step in the right direction!