Sarah Terry
January 11, 2017 2:26 pm
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Yesterday, Hillary Clinton made her second public appearance since the 2016 Presidential Election in November. The former secretary of state, First Lady, and Senator has been lying low, and we don’t blame her. But yesterday, Hillary Clinton made a public speech that praised diplomacy, which is especially important right now.

Hillary spoke outside the new U.S. Diplomacy Center Pavilion, part of a new State Department museum. The museum will display the history of diplomacy in America. Hillary was joined on stage by other secretaries of state — John Kerry, Madeleine Albright, and Colin Powell. And within her speech, Hillary subtly cautioned the new administration not to abandon the diplomacy that has been a backbone of America’s foreign policy.

Hillary Clinton emphasized the power of diplomacy in shaping a peaceful world.

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She recognized that different State Department officials might belong to different political parties. But she said that all of them, “believed deeply in the United States of America and the mission that our country has to lead the world with strength, smarts, and confidence in our values.”

But right now, Hillary insisted, “democracy, freedom, and the rule of law are under attack around the world.” And she hopes the history and lessons provided in this museum will teach all of us the importance of American diplomacy work. The fact that this speech comes only ten days before inauguration was not lost on her. The incoming administration has so far shown less deference to American diplomatic rules than presidents traditionally have, so Hillary’s speech also worked as a reminder of why we have these guidelines in place.

In talking about the museum itself, Hillary explained that it will house high-tech exhibits and historical artifacts.

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She explained that visitors will be able to simulate a “high-stakes diplomatic negotiation” as a way to learn more about resolving disputes. Famous State Department artifacts will reveal details of our diplomatic history. Additionally, inventions that have helped improve humanitarian causes around the world will display our power to help others. Hillary mentioned specifically a clean cook stove, which helped eliminate deaths from contaminated stoves.

Most exciting of all, the museum named the entrance pavilion after Hillary.

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Hillary even joked about the new Hillary Clinton Pavilion. She said, “I’m sure you will notice it is the most transparent part of the entire project.” In addition to Hillary’s Pavilion, the other three areas of the museum will be named after other secretaries of state — John Kerry, Henry Kissinger and James Baker.

You can watch Hillary’s full speech here:

Seeing her speak reminded us how smart and insightful she is. And we can’t wait to visit the Hillary Clinton Pavilion at the new State Department museum.