Ian somerhalder
Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images for EIF

It seems like Ian Somerhalder is not yet ready to escape from the world of the undead, because even after eight seasons of playing a vampire on The CW’s The Vampire Diaries, he’s embracing the supernatural life once again. The 39-year-old actor is set to headline an upcoming Netflix series called V-Wars, but instead of portraying a bloodsucker, he’s playing a doctor. We don’t know about you, but that gives us Dr. Carlisle Cullen feels.

Based on Jonathan Maberry’s bestselling IDW graphic novels, V-Wars tells the story of Dr. Luther Swann who suddenly gets thrown into untold horror when his best friend, Michael Fayne, contracts a mysterious disease that turned him into a predator who feeds on other humans. Swann finds out that legions of humans have also been affected and transformed, and society soon fractures into opposing groups of normal people vs the vampires. As he tries to make sense of what was happening, Michael becomes the powerful underground leader of the vamps.

The streaming giant has already given a 10-episode order on the show, but a release date has yet to be set.

No word yet on who will play Michael, but we won’t complain if they cast Paul Wesley or Joseph Morgan. Those two actors have undeniable on-screen chemistry with Somerhalder, and frankly, we wouldn’t mind a TVD reunion.

We can’t wait ’til V-Wars starts streaming on Netflix. You best believe we’re going to binge-watch the entire 10-episode season in one sitting!