Picture of I Feel Pretty Crying
Credit: Steve Granitz / Getty Images

We’re so, so excited that Amy Schumer’s new movie I Feel Pretty is FINALLY (almost) here. The movie is about a woman named Renee (Schumer) who struggles with confidence and self-worth. But when she hits her head during a spin class, she suddenly begins to see herself as a supermodel. It gives her total and complete confidence in herself. Even though I Feel Pretty is a comedy that will make you LOL over and over, it’s also packed with honest, touching moments that will unexpectedly make you cry. Like, a lot.

You’ll cry at the end of the movie and during plenty of sweet moments in the middle. But you’ll get especially teary during the beginning. And it’s not just us — Busy Philipps, who plays Renee’s friend Jane in I Feel Pretty, agrees.

“I always cry in the first 10 minutes of that movie — when you see this woman who is trying her hardest, and she doesn’t feel like it’s working for her, and what that is,” Philipps told HelloGiggles. “It’s a really funny, funny movie. But it’s incredibly grounded. And you buy into the whole conceit, which is sort of a ridiculous conceit for a film, because of how great and grounded Amy is and because of those first 10 minutes. I think if you don’t have those first 10 minutes of the movie, which are sort of atypical for a romantic comedy or a big comedy, I think the rest of the movie doesn’t really work. You have to understand the reality. It’s so relatable. It’s so somebody that you know or you are.”

Basically, I Feel Pretty is the Up of spring comedies. You’ll cry a LOT during the first ten minutes.

Philipps agreed that the rest of the film is equally as emotional.

I Feel Pretty hits theaters on Friday, April 20th!