Madison Vanderberg
March 27, 2018 2:10 pm

Lately we’ve noticed something happening on Selena Gomez’s social feeds. Her newest photos have a kind of lens flare and antiquated quality that we haven’t seen since, well, disposable and instant cameras. Turns out that Gomez and a whole bunch of other Insta-stars are using a new app called Huji Cam that literally replicates the kind of photos you’d get with a throwaway camera. According to the app, “Huji Cam makes your moments as precious as the feelings of analog film with old memories.” In fact, the Huji Cam viewfinder actually looks a lot like an old-school Fujifilm disposable camera (though the app’s developers are quick to point out they are not affiliated with Fujifilm in any way). first noticed that many of your IG faves are all about these retro images. Just as we finally hopped on the KiraKira bandwagon, the cool kids have already moved onto a new filter app. Like KiraKira, Huji Cam is a stand-alone app that takes photos and auto-applies a single filter. It is not affiliated with Instagram.

Gomez shared a series of photos from March for Our Lives when we noticed the lens flare and the vintage 1998 dates written in the corner of the images.

Gomez’s Instagram has always had a washed-out and retro-cool quality, and now that we know how to achieve it, we’re never going back to plain old Insta filters.

Here’s how to use Huji Cam, so you too can ‘gram like Gomez.

1. Download the Huji Cam app from the App Store (it’s free).

Huji Cam App

2. Open the app. The viewfinder looks exactly like an old-school disposable camera. Decide whether you want the flash “on” or “off,” and then point and click.

Huji Cam

3. Your photos will appear in the in-app photo gallery, which you can then save to your phone’s camera roll.

Huji Cam

4. If you don’t like the “point and click” style — you can go into settings and turn on Touch Mode, which allows you a larger viewfinder (like the regular phone camera).

Huji Cam
Huji Cam

If you want the ability to upload photos from your camera roll, you can pay an additional $.99 to upgrade to that feature. Happy ‘gramming!