Bronwyn Isaac
January 26, 2018 11:50 am

Everyone and their mother is addicted to the rush of powering up their phone and connecting it to the online beauty of HQ Trivia for a chance at winning cold, hard cash. Given this widespread obsession, you’ll likely feel both ecstatic and conflicted to know there’s now a bot to help you cheat at HQ Trivia. In the true spirit of American capitalism, all you have to do is set aside your morals and deep abiding sense of guilt, and the possibility of money will present itself.

While fun to speculate about a foolproof cheat code, the HQ trivia assistant bot is still a baby bot, and has yet to prove itself as the golden ticket to top winnings. The bot was created by 33-year-old Canadian developer Mike Almond, who coded a bot that plugs into the back-end of the game.

Because it’s plugged into the back-end, the bot is able to pull questions up seconds early. After pulling up a question, the bot uses data analysis to asses which answer is most likely correct. Then HQ Trivia addicts are shown a percentage breakdown of the multiple choice answers, so they can pick the “top ranked” answer.

Pretty brilliant HQ Trivia concept, yeah?!

Almond told The Daily Beast that he created the app as a fun experiment, and has yet to win a game using it. However, according to a few tests done by The Daily Beast staff, the bot averaged a 90% accuracy rate.

There are a few downsides, however.

If you’re not tech-saavy, the process of plugging in the bot could prove a bit confusing. Particularly, in the limited amount of time the game gives you.

Also, the HQ Trivia company told The Daily Beast they’ll be actively searching for cheaters and they…

Whether you feel like taking the leap for the possible bot-assisted win, or you’re sticking to your old-school trivia skills, this is a fascinating invention either way.