Bridey Heing
Updated Apr 27, 2015 @ 8:00 am

On Saturday, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, causing widespread destruction and claiming over 3,800 lives (at last count). The quake destroyed entire villages and triggered avalanches on Mount Everest that left climbers and guides buried. With resources and manpower lacking and thousands of refugees without homes, the situation is dire as workers and citizens continue to search for survivors in the rubble. As Parbati Dhakal, who lives near the earthquake’s epicenter, told the New York Times, “We have no shelter, no food and all the bodies are scattered around.”

It’s a horrific situation, and our hearts go out to all who lost loved ones or who are still looking for missing persons.

For those who want to help, here is a list of organizations currently working in Nepal and accepting donations.

Nepal Red Cross and the American Red Cross have teams working across the country to provide care for refugees and survivors.

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and American Jewish World Service have both set up emergency funds for medical relief and ongoing recovery efforts.

AmeriCares and CARE have sent teams to help with ongoing efforts around the country, providing food, water, and shelter for those in need.

Oxfam is providing water and aid for those whose homes have been ruined.

Concern Worldwide and Direct Relief are providing shelter, food and medical supplies. Handicap International is also providing assistance to local hospitals and wheelchairs.

Global Giving has set up a fund to help support local and international organizations working in Nepal.

If making a donation is not possible at this time but you are familiar with Nepal, you can help by sharing your knowledge. The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap allows users to help build a full map of Nepal to connect communities in need with those organizations providing relief services.

Google has created a “person finder” application to help locate victims from your laptop. You can enter the names of missing persons you’re looking for, and help others find the missing by entering any information you may have.

For more ways to help, check out this list.

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