Brianne Hogan
February 27, 2018 5:08 pm

You couldn’t wait to add Vero. But now, after a day or two of trying the new social app, you’re all like, “Nahhh,” and you’re ready to delete Vero.

Maybe you’re already bored with it, or maybe you found out about Vero CEO and co-founder Ayman Hariri being accused of withholding the salaries of 9,000 Filipino workers at his previous construction company, so you’re completely turned off.

All reasons are totally valid, of course. So how do you delete Vero?

Well, the problem is… it’s not exactly straightforward. There’s no obvious “delete” or “deactivate” button within the app, and some users had so much difficulty deleting their Vero apps they took to Twitter to voice their frustration:

If you’re really ready to pull the plug, here’s how to do it: If you’re on a computer, you can head to this link and send a detailed request to delete your account. You’ll have to share a ton of information, including the manufacturer and model of your phone.

If you’re using the app on your phone, look for the “?” on your profile and fill out a request.

But then what? The thing is, no one really knows what happens after you “request” that your account be deleted, since the app is still so new to most users.

In an interview, Mashable asked Hariri about the difficulty of deleting Vero, and he said he plans to make it easier to delete an account at some point. But then Hariri pondered, what if someone who asked to delete their account didn’t really want to delete their account?

“Today they send us a request to do so,” Hariri said. “What’s happened in the past many times for us is that people change their minds.”

Um, they’ll probably just make another account.

Is it just us, or does Vero sound like a lot of work already? Seems like it could go Vero to zero pretty fast.

Correction: This article previously included inaccurate information about contacting Vero. It has been updated.