Nicole Pomarico
March 01, 2018 4:40 pm

Every year, when the beginning of March comes around, it’s hard to believe that Dr. Seuss isn’t around anymore. On March 2nd, it’s Seuss’s birthday, the perfect time to reflect on his books. Seuss’s books have had an unwavering impact on so many people, even though he passed away in 1991. But how old would Dr. Seuss be in 2018? Way older than any of our grandparents, that’s for sure.

Since Seuss was born in 1904, this year, he’d be turning 114. This is older than many of the world’s oldest people. He was already 87 at the time of his death — which was caused by an infection thanks to his oral cancer — so he did get to live a full life, and it seems like he took a lot of joy in how many people he inspired all around the world.

Even though he may not have made it to the big 100 mark, Seuss was always imparting all kinds of wisdom.

Some of the most meaningful quotes that are still passed around today came straight from the author. He seemed to fully embrace the idea of being yourself and taking risks. Don’t lie — you totally felt better about going to college after rereading Oh, the Places You’ll Go!, just like it comforted you at bedtime as a kid. Dr. Seuss’s influence transcends age, guys. And as far as we’re concerned, his birthday is a great day to revisit your favorites…and to remember how adorable and sweet a 114-year-old Dr. Seuss would be.

Dr. Seuss is gone, but he’ll be remembered forever, for his work and for how he inspired children everywhere. Who needs to live for 114 years with a track record like that?