Food and Wine
Updated August 31, 2017
Getty Images/Tetra Images

While the city of Houston still reels from the effects of Hurricane Harvey, the Houston Independent School District announced yesterday that it had received permission from the United States Department of Agriculture and the Texas Department of Agriculture to feed all of its students for free.

“All HISD students will eat all school meals for free during the 2017-2018 school year,” the district said in a statement. Additionally, students will not need to apply for the National School Lunch/Breakfast Program, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The news likely comes as a relief to many families, who have a long road a head when it comes to rebuilding their livelihoods after the hurricane.

Not only will students be receiving free lunch and breakfast from their school, they also have the opportunity to enjoy a dinner for free. Last week, the Texas Department of Agriculture also approved the district’s request to offer to “free supper” to any child who is a student within the district.

The Houston community has been stepping up to provide much-needed food for the victims of Hurricane Harvey: Many food-related businesses are volunteering to cook meals, deliver food and water, and otherwise assist people who have been displaced by the destruction. Pizza Hut has been delivery pizzas by kayak, and Chick-fil-A recently stepped in to help rescue an elderly couple from their flooded home. If you want to help end hunger in the Houston area, especially in the aftermath of Harvey, you can donate to Feeding Texas or a number of other organizations.