Marissa Higgins
September 18, 2016 4:31 pm
John Greim/Getty Images

When it’s time to go on vacation, many of us love staying in hotels. It can give us a taste of luxury that we don’t get in our day to day lives, and hey, you don’t have to make your own bed in the morning! What could be better, right? Unfortunately, the folks behind Inside Edition have discovered some pretty upsetting news. It appears that not all hotels actually wash sheets between guests visits which is um, GROSS.

How did the people at Inside Edition discover this lapse? According to the Huffington Post, the team at Inside Edition checked into a Residence Inn in New York City, then sprayed the bedsheets with invisible spray paint, then checked out. The next day, they checked back into the same room under a different name. They scanned the bedsheets, and lo and behold, the sheets hadn’t been washed. Eeeeek!

Luckily, the manager of this hotel did say that this was an unusual error and certainly not standard practice. Sadly, however, Inside Edition tested nine other hotels, and their results are pretty cringeworthy. It appears that out of the nine hotels they tested, three left unwashed sheets between guests. Ugh!

Unsurprisingly, this news has rocked the world of pretty much everybody, including those on social media:

Next time you’re on vacation, remember to thoroughly check your bed before you hop in!