Caitlin Gallagher
Updated Feb 06, 2017 @ 2:44 pm
Credit: Helen Martin /

This is the amazing story of how a British grocery cashier became a hero for one family. On Sunday, February 5th, Helen Martin took her daughter to the Sainsbury’s superstore in Cannock, England. And when Helen’s daughter nearly suffered a panic attack, the cashier stepped in to help the mother and daughter out in a touching way that will most likely have you tearing up.

According to her Facebook post, Helen’s daughter Cordelia (she calls her Cordie) has suffered from anxiety and panic attacks that are triggered by alarms or loud noises in large places, like airports and supermarkets. A few years ago, a fire alarm test went off in a Sainsbury’s they were shopping at, which traumatized a young Cordie. Helen wrote it took nearly two years for her daughter to enter the supermarket chain again after that event.

While shopping on February 5th, the lights dimmed at the Cannock Sainsbury’s to indicate the store would be closing and it understandably alarmed Cordie. Thankfully, the cashier took notice and after Helen explained the situation, she came to the rescue.

Helen wrote:

The Martins’ story has gone viral for good reason as the Sainsbury’s employee went above and beyond her job to help comfort a young girl and help assist a mother. It was such a lovely and heartwarming gesture that shows just how much a simple act of kindness can mean to someone else.

Helen admitted to being so flustered that she initially didn’t get the cashier’s name, but she intended on going back to Sainsbury’s the next day to thank her.

To make us even more emotional, both Helen and Cordie went back on Monday, February 6th and met their hero — Tina — and thanked her.

Anxiety and panic attacks are a terrifying experience for anyone of any age and we love that Tina didn’t hesitate to help soothe Cordie in a time of stress. She truly is a hero and as Helen wrote:

We couldn’t agree more.