Karen Belz
April 25, 2018 12:23 pm

It’s finally here. That’s right: The Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Game launched today, April 25th, and it’s already delighting Potter Heads far and wide. In case you missed it, the game is available via the Google Play and Apple stores, and allows you to attend Hogwarts. You then get to experience a medley of wizard-related rights of passage, like choosing your wand, learning spells, and, well, date.

“The game has been lovingly honed to emulate the Hogwarts experience so you, the player, can create your very own Hogwarts story,” the Pottermore website reported.

And apparently, dating is a part of that story should you so choose. However, according to a game write-up from Polygon, it seems like dating — just like in real life — is a pretty big time investment, and something dedicated fans can only unlock after a certain amount of gameplay.

London also added that, “Our studio is 100 percent in favor of supporting diversity in all aspects,” which seems to indicate dating will definitely be LGBTQ-friendly should your character reach the appropriate levels.

It sounds like a lot of love and thought went into this game, and we’re so glad it’s finally here. Now excuse us — we have class and Snape hates tardiness.