Don’t lie: At some point in your life, you’ve wished you could go to Hogwarts, just like in Harry Potter. Luckily, we can now live vicariously through a group of students who get to learn in the coolest Hogwarts-themed classroom every day this year—and if you’re experiencing a little FOMO after you see these photos, you’re not the only one.

As Mashable reported, third-grade teacher Tressa Bargella created the Hogwarts classroom of our dreams and shared all the details on Instagram. It seems like this is at least her second year of transforming her classroom into a pretty sweet representation of the Harry Potter series (for a Muggle, anyway) and we can only imagine how happy the kids were when they showed up for the first day of school and were treated to this.

Her classroom has everything—a mandrake, a sorting hat, spell books and potions, and even Moaning Myrtle in the bathroom. And the entrance to Mrs. Bargella’s room? A brick wall made to look like Platform 9 3/4.

She documented part of the process for getting the classroom ready, even before school was back in session, and went the extra mile by sending out Hogwarts letters to her students:

Her husband helped her build a platform to create a common room in her classroom:

And still, it gets better. Can we talk about this setup with the fireplace? If you scroll through the photos, you’ll see that she also put quotes from the series on the walls—incredible.

Mrs. Bargella, if you’re reading this, just know there are a lot of us who wish our teachers were as awesome as you. Who wouldn’t look forward to going to school every day if it meant spending time in this (literally) magical classroom?