Ever since she lost the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton has kind of stopped giving any effs, and we support that 100%. Clinton was invited to speak at Yale College’s graduation ceremony — also known as “Class Day” — and she took the opportunity to subtly troll President Trump. Typically, during Class Day, everyone wears silly or over-the-top hats. It’s a thing. Clinton wore a hat too: an ushanka, aka a Russian hat. In case you’ve missed the last two years, her Russia hat references the fact that Russia allegedly compromised the 2016 election.

Wow, Hil, go off!

Other than a cheeky nod with the Russia hat, she never mentioned Trump by name, but she did speak about the night of November 8th, 2016.

Credit: Yale University

Even though she was invited to her alma mater to inspire the class of 2018 with words of wisdom about following your dreams and building a career, her speech was very of-the-moment and didn’t ignore the current political climate. She ended her speech with this call-to-action about civic engagement.

Civic engagement. Voting in every election. Believing in your power. Now THAT is how you troll Trump.