Trilby Beresford
Updated Nov 22, 2016 @ 1:31 pm
Credit: Facebook/Jessica Wick

Since the results of the presidential election, Hillary Clinton has been laying pretty low (though we’re thinking of her every day and still feeling incredibly inspired by her work). However, Clinton was just spotted in a small bookstore with her family in Rhode Island. And well, that kind of sounds like exactly what we might be doing if we were in her shoes right now.

Employees of The Savoy Bookstore probably weren’t expecting such a famous visitor, but they enjoyed seeing Clinton walk through the doors along with Bill and Chelsea.

Her surprise appearance was captured on social media (OF COURSE) by employee (and passionate Clinton supporter) Jessica Wick, who posted a sweet message about the encounter on Facebook.

Wick went on to tell Hillary that she voted for her in the election, and emphasized how kind she and Bill seemed.

Awwww. We hope that Hillary was able to pick up something good to read, since she admitted in her post-election speech that she wants to “curl up with a good book.” If anyone deserves some time off to recharge and relax, it’s this lady.

Happy reading, Hillary. Oh, and we’ll take some reading recs anytime!