Hillary Clinton bored
Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

If there is one thing women can agree on, no matter what side your vote lies on, is that we have all at one point in our lives put on the “listening women” face. Leading up to the election on Tuesday we have seen Hillary Clinton put on this stoic face, and after sitting down with People magazine, we learned that this is one of her tricks for not letting Trump get into her head.

Besides listening to what the candidates had to say on the stage, we were honed in on how Clinton would counteract Donald Trump’s aggressive actions. But in true form, we had nothing to worry about because Clinton was already thoroughly prepared.

Clinton has worked diligently on controlling her own narrative not only as a Presidential nominee but the first female Presidential nominee

So next time you’re in a board meeting and being over-talked or even feel like you’re not getting the respect you deserve invoke your inner Nasty Woman and take charge!