Sarah Terry
Updated Jan 06, 2017 @ 1:24 pm
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Since the election on November 8th didn’t go quite as expected for many of us, Hillary Clinton has only made one public appearance in Washington. And we don’t really blame her. But for her second public appearance, Hillary will speak at the new State Department museum, because part of it will be named after her. The former secretary of state, First Lady and Senator ran as the first female presidential nominee from a major party, and she won a massive majority of the popular vote. But she lost to Donald Trump in the Electoral College. Since then, she has been understandably lying low. (Although, Hillary did give an inspiring and memorable speech for the Children’s Defense Fund in November.)

But next Tuesday, January 10th, Hillary Clinton will return to Washington to speak at the opening of a State Department museum.

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According to The Washington Post, one of the four exhibition halls in the new U.S. Diplomacy Center will be called the Hillary Clinton Pavilion. The other three halls will be named after secretaries of state past and present, James A. Baker, Henry Kissinger, and John F. Kerry. The museum will house artifacts and information about our diplomatic history. And visitors will see Hillary’s name first, because her pavilion will be the glass entrance hall to the complex. In a strange twist of irony, the pavilion will feature a glass ceiling. And we’re not sure how to feel about THAT, given that Hillary spent a lot of time talking about shattering glass ceilings.

Speakers at the event will also include former secretaries Madeleine Albright and Colin Powell.

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Madeleine Albright conceived of the museum while she was Bill Clinton’s secretary of state, reports The Washington Post. In fact, she held a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony for the project back in 2000. However, during George W. Bush’s presidency, the project stalled. Hillary revived the museum while she was secretary of state and helped jumpstart the fundraising needed to make the museum a reality. The picture above shows the more official groundbreaking from 2014.

We are so excited to see another speech from Hillary, because we still find her so inspirational.

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Plus, this State Department museum feels like a fabulous way to honor Hillary’s impressive contributions. We will definitely be tuning in to watch. Because we haven’t seen this inspiring political lady yet in 2017, and we’re sure she has some important words of wisdom for us.